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 Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can an unlicensed handyman legally do any type of work as long as the work does not exceed $500?
    No. In accordance with current California law, an unlicensed handyman may only perform work that is "casual, minor or inconsequential in nature." Note that the $500 limit includes both labor and materials, unlicensed handymen are required to disclose to consumers that they are not licensed by the State Contractors License Board.
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  • Is it true a contractor's license is not required if the work to be performed is under $500?
    Yes, B&P section 7048 (Small Operations) provides an exemption from licensure for minor work if the aggregate contract price, including labor, materials, etc. is less than $500. This exemption does not apply if the "minor work" is part of a larger project. Example: A homeowner is having a kitchen remodeled at a total cost of $6,000 and decides to sublet the flooring work which is only $300. The person doing the flooring would not be exempt from licensure because the overall cost of the project was over $500. In addition, jobs cannot be broken down into hourly fees in order to sidestep the $500 threshold.
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  • Do I purchase materials or do you?
    Materials can either be provided by you, or we can purchase them for you. We do not mark up the cost of materials and strive to find the best deals without compromising quality.
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  • Do you charge by the hour or by the job?
    Labor is charged 'by the hour' and for larger jobs it is usually more cost effective to have a set price. Written estimates are provided upon request and the cost quoted for labor will not change unless the requirements change.
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  • What is your service area?
    We serve South San Francisco and surrounding areas.
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New Laws - 2004
Business & Professions Code

Disclaimer: California licensing clause. We are not Contractors! We can only do jobs up to, but not over $500 without a license. If you have a handyman without a Contractors License, it is against the law for them to contract jobs over $500.
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